Two technicians of Huahai Group passed the professional qualification examination for quality professional technicians

release time:2012-09-13 13:36

author:Huahai Cable


Recently, Gan Yefan, a young technician of Anhui Huahai Special Cable Group Co., Ltd., successfully passed the national professional qualification examination for quality professional and technical personnel, and will be awarded the title of “Assistant Quality Engineer”. Gan Yefan is a student at Anhui University. After graduating, he is a cable company in his hometown. Now he works in the technical department of Huahai Group. The national unified examination scores 227 points (a total of 300 points).

      It is at the forefront of local candidates. Previously, the company's technical department manager, Gu Renjie, has also passed the quality professional junior exam and is actively preparing for the intermediate vocational qualification examination.

      Huahai Group respects knowledge and talents, actively encourages employees to learn production technology and various professional knowledge, and creates a good working environment and improves work for employees who are motivated and hard-working. This is widely praised.