2018 global wire and cable industry market status and development trend analysis Submarine cable becomes a new growth pole

release time:2019-09-10 13:46

author:Huahai Cable


The wire and cable industry has become the basic industry for industrial development in China. From the perspective of subdivided application fields, it mainly includes power cables, electrical cables, communication cable cables, submarine cables and characteristic cables. At present, the market share of power cables and communication cables is relatively high. However, from the gross profit margin of the market segment, due to the high technical barriers of submarine cables, its gross profit margin is the highest. With the influence of industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of China's wire and cable industry, submarine cable has become the main competitive direction of domestic competitive enterprises.

Wide range of applications, the role of each field is crucial

Submarine cables are used in a wide range of applications, and are important and widely used in submarine observation networks, communications, power networks, offshore oil development, and offshore wind power. Among them, in the submarine observation network, each part of the connection box, the sensor, the observation instrument equipment, etc., except for a small part of the wireless acoustic connection, are basically connected through the submarine cable. In addition, submarine cables are widely used in communications networks, power networks, offshore oil development, offshore wind power and many other fields.

The advantages of optical composite cable are outstanding and become the main development trend in the future.

According to the function, the submarine cable can be divided into three types: submarine cable, submarine cable and submarine optical composite cable. Among them, the submarine optical composite cable has high technical content and is difficult. At the same time, compared with submarine cables and submarine cables, it has the advantages of small footprint, superior bending performance, high adaptability to equipment, strong expandability, and convenient construction. It is the main development trend in the future.

Cable application environment is harsh and technical requirements are high

Because the submarine cable is applied to the seabed several kilometers deep and the working conditions are harsh and complicated, the submarine cable has strict requirements in terms of communication, power and life. In terms of communication, submarine cables should have high transmission rate, capacity, reliability and transmission quality; in terms of power, submarine cables should meet the requirements of low loss, high electrical energy capacity, etc., to achieve high-voltage DC transmission; due to submarine cable layout In the deep sea, its products should have strong resistance to water pressure, vertical intrusion of water, chemical intrusion, etc., and can withstand the dynamic pressure under the action of waves and the pressure during installation and maintenance, and can guarantee a relatively long service life. In general, the technical requirements of the products are relatively high.

Global submarine cable will exceed $20 billion in 2023

Up to now, more than 90% of the global communications business has been transmitted through submarine cables. Currently, more than 370 submarine cables have been laid in the world, with a total length of more than 1 million kilometers. The longest is the Asia-Europe 3 submarine cable (SeaMeWe-3) with a total length of 39,000 kilometers, led by France Telecom and China Telecom. With the strengthening of economic links and communication links among various countries around the world, the demand for submarine cables will continue to increase, and this segment will become the main competitive direction. By 2023, the market size of the submarine cable system will increase from US$11.74 billion in 2018 to US$20.93 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.25%.

Due to the high technical barriers in the submarine cable industry, the main participants in the submarine power cable market are foreign Prysmian (Italy), Nexans (France), Anket (Denmark), and General Cable (USA, has been Prysmian) Acquisition) and Furukawa Electric, Sumitomo Electric (Japan); the main players in the submarine communication cable market are Alcatel-Lucent (France), TE Connectivity (Switzerland) and NEC (Japan) and China Huawei. There are relatively few companies with competitive advantages in China. In the future, the world will benefit from the globalization of the Internet, offshore wind power and offshore oil and gas development, and the global submarine cable market will grow steadily. Under the guidance and promotion of the standardization development of the wire and cable industry and the transformation and upgrading of China, relevant domestic enterprises should seize the opportunity to make full use of the advantages of capital, technology and talents to promote their competitive advantages in submarine cable products. Inject new impetus into the development of the submarine cable market.