Mobile flat cable

First, product features and uses

Mobile flat cable can be divided into: 1) high-voltage power core and control core and fiber combination cable; 2) low-voltage power core and control core and fiber combination cable, can be used as self-supporting or inclined shelves Installation, power transmission lines and use of control, lighting and communication lines. Suitable for regular bending installation, and with a smaller installation radius, optimized and sophisticated design can make the cable more precise use, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system and increasing the service life of the cable.

Products are widely used in complex and harsh environments and long-term high-load work, such as driving, dumping machines, bucket engines, elevators, transmission machinery, cranes and various flaw detection equipment, cranes, light rail cranes and other equipment. It is suitable for industrial environments in complex and harsh environments such as underground mines, metallurgy, electric power, terminals, indoor and outdoor warehouses and open storage yards.

Second, product implementation standards


Third, the use of characteristics

1、 AC rated voltage

High voltage power line: 6/10kV、8.7/10 kV、8.7/15 kV

Low voltage power line:0.45/0.75kV、0.6/1kV

Control line:0.45/0.75kV

2、 Maximum operating temperature of the conductor

Silicone rubber insulation: 180℃

Ethylene-propylene rubber insulation:125℃

Nitrile composite insulation:90℃

3. Minimum ambient temperature:-40°C, can be customized for special temperature requirements.

 The cable installation temperature should not be lower than -15°C.

Fourth, some commonly used combination flat cable name, model and specifications

High-voltage core, control line and fiber three-in-one combination cable

YJGCFPB-10kV-KL-12FO(optical fiber)   3*35+3*16/3+16*2.5+2*2.5P+12FO(optical fiber)

High-voltage core and fiber two-in-one combination cable

YJGCFPB-10kV-FO(optical fiber)   3*35+3*16/3+6FO(optical fiber)

Low-voltage core and fiber two-in-one combination cable

YEVFB-0.6/1kV-6FO(optical fiber)   3*240+1*120+6FO(optical fiber)

Low-voltage core and fiber two-in-one combination cable

YVFB-0.6/1kV-12FO(optical fiber)   3*185+1*95+12FO(optical fiber)

Low-voltage core and control line two-in-one combination cable

YVFB-0.6/1kV    3*70+1*16+7*2.5+2*1.5P

Control cable and fiber optic combo cable

YVFBG-0.45/0.75kV-FO(optical fiber) 24*2.5+2*2.5P+2*4+12FO(optical fiber)

Remarks: The model and specifications of the cable can be designed according to the actual needs of the customer.

V. Main technical indicators

1. Finished cable conductor (R type) DC resistance (in accordance with GB3956)

2, insulation resistance at 20°C,

Imported silicone rubber insulation: not less than500MΩ·kM

Ethylene-propylene rubber insulation: not less than200MΩ·kM

Nitrile composite insulation: not less than15MΩ·kM

3. The finished cable is subjected to the following voltage test without breakdown.

Voltage level

Test voltage/time

0.45/0.75 kV

communicate with50Hz 3.0kV/5min


communicate with50Hz 3.5kV/5min


communicate with50Hz 15.0kV/5min


communicate with50Hz 21.0kV/5min

Remark: The power core and the control core need to independently perform the withstand voltage test of the corresponding voltage level to avoid confusion.


 YVFBG-0.45/0.75kV-12F0 24*2.5+2*2.5P+2*4+12FO(optical fiber)Schematic 


YJCCFPB-10KV-FO 3*35+3*16/3+6F0Schematic


YVFB-0.6/1kV 3*240+1* 120+6FO(optical fiber)Schematic


YEVFB-0.6/1kV 3*185+1*95+12F0(optical fiber)Schematic 


YVFB-0.6/1kV 3*70+1* 16+7*2.5+2*1.5PSchematic


YJGCFPB-10kV-KL-12FO(optical fiber) 3*35+3* 16/3+16*2.5+2*2.5P+12F0(optical fiber)Schematic