Plastic insulated and sheathed branch cable with rated voltage of 0.6/1kV and below

First. product features and uses

Suitable for branch cables with AC rated voltage U0/U 0.6/1kV for power transmission, electrical or lighting systems. The product has stable and safe power supply performance, convenient installation and construction, short cycle, space saving and no maintenance. The product also has superior seismic performance, air tightness, waterproof and fire resistance. As an emerging product, branch cable is widely used in many national economic infrastructure industries such as residential buildings, high-rise office buildings, subways, and airports.

The low-smoke and halogen-free branch cable has the characteristics of environmental protection, low smoke and non-toxicity, and the scope of use is spreading.

Second. product implementation standards


Third. the use of characteristics

1. The rated voltage is 0.6/1kV

2. the maximum allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor: PVC insulation 70°C;

XLPE insulation 90°C;

Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin 70°C;

Low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant crosslinked polyolefin at 90°C and 125°C

3. The minimum laying temperature of the cable is 0°C, and it should be preheated below 0°C.

4. The cable is recommended to allow the bending radius to be no less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable.

Fourth. the basic model and name


product name


Copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed branch cable


Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed branch cable


Copper core XLPE insulated flame-retardant PVC sheathed branch cable


Copper core PVC insulated flame retardant PVC sheathed branch cable


Copper core XLPE insulated flame-retardant PVC sheathed fire-resistant branch cable


Cu core PVC insulated flame-retardant PVC sheathed fire-resistant branch cable


Copper core PVC insulated and sheathed flame retardant low smoke low halogen branch cable


Copper core low-smoke halogen-free polyolefin insulated and sheathed low-smoke halogen-free branch cable

Note: 1. The main cable of the branch cable and the insulating material of the branch cable are the same, and the branch connectors are made of the same material as the cable insulation material.

2. The copper wire in the conductor core can be tinned, the flame retardant cable type is added with ZR, and the soft structure cable is added with R.。

V. Code name and meaning


Code meaning


Serial code - branch cable

Flame retardant properties



Non flame retardant


Flame retardant: divided into three grades A, B and C


Fire resistant cable






Polyvinyl chloride


Flame retardant low-smoke halogen-free polyolefin




Polyvinyl chloride


Low-smoke low-halogen flame retardant PVC


Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin

Six. main technical indicators

1. The DC resistance of the finished cable conductor (in accordance with the provisions of GB/T3956) is specified in Table 1 of Appendix A;

2. The technical indicators are as follows:

Insulation resistance

Not less than 200MΩ·km

Finished pressure test

3.5kV/5min does not breakdown

Airtight and waterproof

Branch joint water immersion, insulation and pressure resistance meet the requirements

Contact resistance

The contact resistance of the contact resistance and the branch line of the same length is not more than 1.2

Joint short circuit strength

The contact resistance change rate after short circuit is not more than 0.2

Flame retardant and fire resistant properties

Meet the requirements of GB/T19666-2005



Product structure diagram