RDP2-J3 type constant power electric heating belt

Parallel electric heating

1. working principle:

The power bus is two parallel insulated copper wires. A heating wire is wound in the middle of the insulating layer, and the heating wire is connected to the bus bar at a certain distance (ie, "heating section length") to form a continuous parallel resistance. After the bus is energized, the parallel resistors heat up, thus forming a continuous heating band.

2. Product specifications and main technical indicators:

Normal insulation resistance: ≥50mΩ/kM

Dielectric strength: 2500V50Hz/min

Insulation material: F46

The highest temperature resistance in electric heating: 205°C

Explosion-proof mark: eIIT3

Explosion-proof certificate number: 289202

Delivery length: up to 200m, minimum 20m

3, explosion-proof instructions

The single-phase constant-power electric heating belt is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of GB3836.1-2010 and GB3836.3-2010, the "general requirements" for explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres and the requirements for "enhanced safety electrical equipment e". The explosion-proof grade “eIIT3” product has non-flammability and is tested by the enclosed electric heater. It is suitable for the factory area without direct impact from external forces after being matched with the increased safety electrical accessories. , Zone 2 explosive gas mixture used in the T3 group. The product passed the explosion-proof inspection of the national statutory explosion-proof mechanism, and the explosion-proof certificate number: 289202.