RDP2-J4 high temperature constant power electric heating belt

RDP2-J4 type high temperature constant power electric heating belt, its working principle and product structure and RDP2-J3 type constant power electric heating belt is the same. The difference is that the insulating material is made of high temperature resistant waterproof glass fiber and PFA fluoroplastic with high temperature resistance F46. Therefore, it can be used for thermal insulation at a temperature of 260 °C to maintain a certain extension. It is especially suitable for asphalt and heavy-duty oil pipelines. Its fluid maintenance temperature can reach 180°C-250°C. This product can be used in non-explosive sites and one area of factory. The explosion gas in the second zone is T3Group location.

1. Model Meaning: 40W enhanced single-phase high temperature electric heating belt per meter.

2, product specifications and main technical indicators: The highest temperature resistance of electric heating zone is 260 °C.