RDP3-J3 three-phase constant power electric heating belt

The principle of three-phase constant-power electric heating and single-phase constant-power electric heating is basically the same. The difference is that the single-phase belt adopts single-phase power supply, and the three-phase belt uses three-phase triangular power supply. In addition to the characteristics of single-phase electric heating belt, the three-phase belt is especially suitable for heat tracing and heat preservation of long-distance and large-diameter pipes.

1. working principle:

The three parallel insulated copper stranded wires are the power busbars, and the heating wire is wound outside the inner sheath insulating layer, and the heating wires are sequentially connected with the power bus bar AB-BC-CA-AB at regular intervals (ie, "heating section length"). ... repeated loop connection, continuous parallel resistance in the shape of each three-phase. When the line is connected to three-phase power, the parallel resistors heat up at the same time, thus forming a continuous three-phase power supply heating belt.

2. Product specifications and main technical indicators:

     Normal insulation resistance: ≥50mΩ/100m

     Dielectric strength: 2500V 50Hz/min

     Insulation material: F46

     The highest temperature resistance in electric heating: 205°C

     Explosion-proof mark: eIIT3

     Explosion-proof certificate number: 289202

     Delivery length: up to 500m, minimum 50m